Saturday, September 7, 2013

Slam Poem

This is the first draft of my slam poem.

(Working Title)

I’m breaking up with you
and not like “we should take a break and see new people
until we get bored and come back to what’s safe
and familiar and easier to deal with than the thought of being alone.”
I mean the break off ties, burn bridges,
block you on Facebook kind of break up because
I’ve had it with the feelings of entrapment, suffocation and guilt
that simultaneously choke me every time I see your name
flash on my phone. Didn’t you get the hint
when I don’t comment on your post? When I ignore
your PM? When I never respond to your texts? When I delete
your voicemails without even listening to them?
I don’t want to talk. We have nothing to discuss except
“remember whens” and “I miss yous” which are both really depressing
and quite frankly I was in a pretty good mood before I was reminded
of your puppy dog love obsession with me. And yes – it’s still one-sided.
And no - nothing’s changed except now your attempt at a magnetic attraction
has pushed me further away. I can’t move on with my life because you won’t let me.
You cling to me like a toddler throwing a tantrum.
“Don’t go! Don’t go! Don’t go!” And I can’t just shake you off because
nobody should feel comfortable kicking a baby in the face.

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